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SaveBox Smart is our compact and independent industrial vending machine that controls several types of smaller storage and distribution lockers: SaveBox Basics. It is like building blocks: you can pick one or even a set of different size Basics to be attached to your SaveBox Smart, giving you the ability to design a custom-build locker setup, matching your needs perfectly . Thanks to an optional function – the built-in scales – you can use SaveBox System for the 100% controlled distribution of bigger, heavier and fragile products or even small items, which are stored in bigger volume and difficult to measure one-by-one.

Why SaveBox?

100% accountability and cost tracking: personal access rights can be set and all transactions are logged to the individuals

You select the set-up you need: Connect more SaveBoxes together in any combination so you can even put together an entire wall.

Products available around the clock

Up to 40 cost saving on your ppe or mro items


Award winning automat for PPE and much more

The  flagship product of Didelta Automation is a multiple award-winning industrial vending machine for storing and distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE), tools, gloves, office supplies, medical devices and other consumables. SavePro is manufactured within the European Union. It is capable of 24/7 unassisted operation, is highly productive and supports service activities. 

Why SavePro?

Supports 3 ID methods: card readers, bar code reader or PIN code-based login

It has a multicolored graphic display that is also able to display customized marketing videos

The access door is secure, massive, but also easy to push open

The two-stage theft-protection system eliminates all unauthorized access to the interior of the machine, even during product vending


For ICT and office supply dispense

You might need to dispense an item or item package only once to your employees, think of welcome packages for new workers. IVM’s SaveFlex (locker-type) vending machine provides the solution. You place the item in the appointed  slot of the locker, give access to the employee, send him a note and he can take the item.  SaveFlex is also great for exchanging and repairing tools, that are the responsibility of one person.

Why SaveFlex?

More effective – and less frustrated! – employees with always working IT tools

All tools (the exchanged ones as well) can be monitored via local network, distant diagnostics and data-access

Fastest way of giving fixed IT tools back to the employee

Thanks to its modular, variable-size lockers, the size of tools can vary greatly. Built-in electric and LAN plugs in all lockers


for returning used tools, equipments

SaveBin is a slave unit for SavePro or SaveBox Smart, and is managed through either of the two’s interface. Both the product access and the returning are fulyl controlled processes, enabling you to connect the uptake of new items to the recycling of a used one, or to control the number of items in each transaction. Naturally, the return process can function on its own, without the acquiring of a new product or any other perquisite steps.

Photo-taking ensures full control: Savebin takes photo of the returned items and logs the photo onto the employee in the SaveLog system

Multiple return option: SaveBin is able to take back more than one item at a time

SaveBin Configuration

SaveBin shall be configured according to your requirements. The trolley can be divided into 6 different compartments with variable sizes for each bag.

  • Positions can be freely named, and will be displayed on the interface accordingly

  • Maximum levels can be defined for each position, with the system automatically alerting the user if said levels are reached

  • One product can be configured into multiple positions

  • You can collect more than one product per position

Why SaveBin?

Check whether your employees ‘over-use’ or ‘under-use’ certain type of items

Recycle your items and store them separately (1-6 compartments)

Check whether your employees ‘over-use’ or ‘under-use’ certain type of items

Connect the access to new items to the return of an old one (optional)


3 in 1 carousel vending machine

SaveRing can simultaneously distribute, rent, return and also reserve products. For example, one position can be configured to only distribute the product inside, while another can rent the item within, meaning that after the work is done, the user returns the item to the same position. Returning (recycling) is the collection and storage of used or dirty item, which essentially turns certain positions into a recycling point. Reservation allows the user to select products on the touchscreen, to retain them for themselves or their company units for up to 30 days ahead. All these options can operate simultaneously in one machine.

Why Save Ring?

Perfect for fragile, heavier and liquid items (they do not drop in the receiving bin)

100% control of product usage and distribution

Extremely versatile product-vending capability and layout options

The front panels are not transparent, employees can only view the products on the touchscreen that they have access to

SaveLog System

  • Controls and tracks all transactions (distribution, rent, take back)


  • Generates standard and custom reports for management and administration


  • Multilanguage software and control panel interface


  • Sets and manages company- and individual-level restrictions

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